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        Industries Served

        Industries Served

        Kloeckner services a wide range of markets through our dedicated manufacturing divisions, business groups, and service centers. Whether they’re small machine shops or international manufacturing corporations, Kloeckner offers customers unparalleled quality and superior customer service. Our portfolio of over 200,000 standard and custom products spans numerous industries and allows us to provide customers with best-in-class value-chain solutions no matter the market.


        We service a number of industries in addition to our mainstays, including wind & solar, telecommunications, and architectural. Between our advancements in wind & solar, our expertise in telecommunications, and our breakthroughs in architectural, we're committed to innovation across the metals industry as a whole.


        Kloeckner produces over 200,000 products and services its customers from over 45 service centers across North America. We pride ourselves on our scope of standard and custom product and our ability to service customers wherever they're located.

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